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11 Best Ski Resorts in Vermont, 2024


Ski Resorts in Vermont; Welcome to Vermont, the winter wonderland of thrilling adventures! In this article, we’ll take you on an exciting journey through the state’s finest ski resorts without revealing their names. Vermont’s ski resorts offer a variety of slopes for all skill levels, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas and lush forests.

Snowboarders can challenge themselves in specially designed snow parks, while others can enjoy snowshoeing or horse-drawn sleigh rides. These resorts are vibrant winter communities with après-ski experiences, live music, and delicious local cuisine.

Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by Vermont’s stunning beauty, as the resorts are nestled amidst picturesque landscapes. Advanced snowmaking and grooming technologies ensure excellent conditions throughout the season.

So, pack your bags, prepare your ski gear, and get ready to experience the enchanting world of Vermont’s ski resorts! Stay tuned for more articles diving deeper into each resort and providing insider tips for an unforgettable winter vacation.

Okemo Mountain Resort – Your Perfect Winter Escape

Season Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallElevation at Base (meters & feet)Elevation at Summit (meters & feet)
November 19200 inches (508 cm)348 meters / 1,144 feet1,019 meters / 3,344 feet
Okemo Mountain Resort Ski Resorts in Vermont

Are you ready for an unforgettable winter adventure? Look no further than Okemo Mountain Resort, nestled in the picturesque town of Ludlow, Vermont. As the 2023-2024 ski season approaches, an enchanting world of snow-covered slopes awaits.

Okemo is renowned for being the ultimate family-friendly destination, making it the perfect choice for your winter getaway. Whether you’re an experienced skier or a first-timer, Okemo caters to all skill levels. With 121 diverse trails spread over 632 acres of skiable terrain, you’ll find the perfect run for every member of your group.

For our young snow enthusiasts, our exceptional ski programs guarantee a fun-filled and educational experience. The kids will be grinning from ear to ear as they embark on thrilling adventures in the snow.

Okemo Mountain Resort - Ski Resorts in Vermont
Okemo Mountain ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

As you take on the slopes, immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Vermont’s winter wonderland. The resort’s efficient snowmaking operations ensure optimal conditions, covering an impressive 98% of the ski areas.

Looking to show off your freestyle skills? Boulder Park awaits newbies and seasoned riders alike, while the legendary Superpipe beckons thrill-seekers to perform gravity-defying tricks.

After an action-packed day on the mountain, retreat to one of our welcoming base areas – Clock Tower or Jackson Gore. Rest your weary muscles and indulge in a variety of dining options that cater to all tastes.

Beyond the slopes, the quaint Ludlow village beckons with its charming shops and delightful dining establishments. Experience the warm hospitality of Vermont as you explore the town’s unique offerings.

Join us as we kick off the 2023-2024 ski season on November 19, 2023. The slopes of Okemo Mountain Resort eagerly await your arrival.

Unforgettable moments, cherished memories, and an exceptional ski experience – discover it all at Okemo Mountain Resort.

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Stowe Mountain Resort – Embrace the Majesty of Vermont’s Winter Wonderland

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallElevation at Base (feet/meters)Elevation at Summit (feet/meters)
November 18, 2023314 inches (797 cm)1,559 feet (475 meters)3,625 feet (1,105 meters)
Stowe Mountain ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Step into the realm of winter enchantment at Stowe Mountain Resort, where pristine slopes and warm hospitality converge to create an unforgettable ski experience. As the 2023-2024 ski season beckons, prepare to be captivated by the majesty of Vermont’s tallest peak – Mount Mansfield.

With 116 trails across 485 acres, Stowe offers a diverse playground for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Embrace the thrill of challenging terrain as you navigate the expert runs, or carve graceful turns on the well-groomed intermediates. Beginners and families will find their winter sanctuary on the gentle slopes of Spruce Peak.

At a staggering vertical drop of 2,360 feet, Stowe boasts an impressive snowpack that ranks among the finest in the North East. With 98% of all terrain equipped for snowmaking, every snowflake contributes to an extraordinary winter canvas. Experience the sheer joy of gliding through the fresh powder, surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature.

Stowe Mountain Resort - Best Ski Resorts in Vermont
Stowe Mountain Resort – Best Ski Resorts in Vermont

As you descend from the mountains, a regal refuge awaits at the charming Lodge at Spruce Peak. Revel in the luxurious ski-in, ski-out accommodation and indulge in the delectable dining options. Downtown Stowe adds to the allure with its vibrant brewery scene and quaint New England charm.

Stowe’s crown jewel, the Peak-to-Peak Gondola, effortlessly transports you between the Mt. Mansfield and Spruce Peak base areas, revealing stunning panoramas of the winter wonderland below. Embrace the adventure of exploring diverse trails or bask in the tranquility of Vermont’s scenic backcountry.

Join us as we embark on a majestic winter journey on November 18, 2023. Stowe Mountain Resort eagerly awaits your arrival. From its powder-swathed peaks to the warm hospitality that embraces you, immerse yourself in the magic that is Stowe.

Discover the allure of Vermont’s winter wonderland at Stowe Mountain Resort, where mountain majesty meets indulgent hospitality.

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Jay Peak Resort – Embrace Winter’s Bounty in Vermont’s Snowiest Haven

Season Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
November 25, 2023377 inches (957 cm)3,968 feet (1,209 meters)1,815 feet (553 meters)
Jay Peak ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Discover Jay Peak Resort, nestled near the Canadian border, where snowfall embraces the slopes with abundant delight. As the 2023-2024 ski season beckons, prepare to immerse yourself in the allure of Vermont’s snowiest haven.

With 78 trails spanning 385 acres, Jay Peak boasts one of the largest vertical drops in New England. From the enchanting glades perfect for intermediates to the steep and thrilling tree-packed trails for expert skiers, every moment on the slopes is an exhilarating journey.

Jay Peak is renowned for being a family-friendly destination, offering a plethora of activities for all ages. Glide through the off-piste tree-skiing areas or embrace the challenge of the marked “Face Chutes” with cliff drops. After a day on the slopes, venture to the league-sized hockey rink or experience the thrill of The Pump House, a vast indoor water park with slides and hot tubs.

Choose from an array of lodging options across the Tramside and Stateside base areas. Stay in Tramside to relish easy access to restaurants, the waterpark, ice skating rink, and Vermont’s only aerial tram. Alternatively, Stateside provides excellent access to the beginner zone.

Source: Jay Peak Resort - Best Ski Resorts in Vermont
Source: Jay Peak ResortBest Ski Resorts in Vermont

Located on Jay Peak Road, Jay Peak Resort proudly stands as an inviting winter haven. Experience the abundance of terrain and slopes that make this resort a winter wonderland for all. Enjoy base lodges, ski-in/ski-out rentals, and embrace the excitement of a true skiing paradise.

Just 20 minutes from the Canadian border, Jay Peak beckons with its remarkable snowfall, averaging around 350 inches per year. Revel in the challenge of the Headwall chutes and the thrill of tree skiing. While the resort features an array of amenities, it remains a sanctuary for skiing enthusiasts seeking pure winter enjoyment.

Join us on November 25, 2023, as we embark on a winter adventure like no other. Jay Peak Resort eagerly awaits your arrival, offering cherished memories and unforgettable moments amid Vermont’s snowy embrace.

Discover the magic of Jay Peak Resort, where winter’s bounty awaits in Vermont’s snowiest haven.

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Stratton Mountain Ski Resort – Embrace the Best of Southern Vermont’s Slopes

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
November 25, 2023165 inches (419 cm)3,875 feet (1,181 meters)1,872 feet (571 meters)
Stratton Mountain Ski ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Nestled in the heart of Southern Vermont, Stratton Mountain stands tall at 3,875 feet, renowned for its fast lifts, diverse terrain, and consistently high-quality snow. Embrace the enchantment of 99 trails, encompassing 160 acres of thrilling glades and five terrain parks.

Stratton welcomes winter enthusiasts of all levels, boasting an impressive 41 easy beginners’ trails, 31 intermediate runs, and 28 expert-rated trails. Traverse the slopes with ease, thanks to a well-equipped lift system that includes a gondola, four six-packs, three quad lifts, a triple, a double, and one surface lift.

From World Cup-worthy trails to the tree-lined Drifter trails and a three-mile beginner run from the summit, every turn offers an adventure.

Stratton Mountain - Best Family Ski Resorts in Vermont
Source: Stratton Mountain – Best Family Ski Resorts in Vermont

Boarders revel in the variety of parks suited to all skill levels. From the beginner-friendly Progression Park to the Olympic medalists’ designed East Byrnes Side, a top-to-bottom boardercross course, the excitement knows no bounds. For those seeking rail slides, jump lines, and halfpipes, the Big Ben park in the Sun Bowl area awaits your daring moves.

Less experienced skiers cherish the opportunity to descend from the summit on Easy Street, a family-friendly top-to-bottom green trail stretching nearly three miles. Beginners find their footing with ease on the covered Magic Carpet in the learning area.

Beyond the slopes, the resort’s self-contained slopeside complex exudes the charm of an Alpine ski village. Unwind at the spa, stay active at the fitness center, and indulge in delightful dining experiences. Outdoor dining areas, heated by heat lamps, extend the season of enjoyment both at the base and within the resort village’s restaurants.

Stratton Mountain offers a myriad of winter activities beyond skiing, including tubing, ice skating, sleigh rides, and thrilling dogsled tours through the scenic valley. The Nordic Center beckons with its well-groomed cross-country trails and rentals, ensuring a delightful escape in Vermont’s winter wonderland.

Stratton Mountain Ski Resort caters to all seasons, welcoming visitors with over a hundred trails, terrain parks, and an abundance of adventure. The nearby Stratton Village entices with a vibrant array of restaurants, lodging options, and shopping delights, from fashion and souvenirs to top-notch ski and snowboard equipment and rentals. Throughout the year, the village comes alive with events, including live music performances and races.

Join us on November 25, 2023, as we embrace the magic of Stratton Mountain. From seasoned snow enthusiasts to eager beginners, an unforgettable ski experience awaits in Southern Vermont’s snow-cloaked sanctuary.

Discover Stratton Mountain Ski Resort, where cherished memories and winter enchantment await.

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Killington Mountain Resort – Embrace the Majesty of the East’s Largest Ski Area

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
November 17, 2023250 inches (635 cm)4,241 feet (1,293 meters)1,165 feet (355 meters)
Killington Mountain ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Prepare to conquer the colossal slopes of Killington Resort, aptly known as the “Beast of the East.” With diverse terrain across seven mountain areas, Killington boasts a ski experience like no other.

At an awe-inspiring 4,241 feet, spanning 1,977 acres of skiable terrain, Killington stands as the largest ski area in the Eastern United States. Embark on an expedition through 213 trails spread across six mountain peaks (including Pico Mountain, accessible via a shuttle bus). As you explore, be sure to consult the official trail map, for the layout can pose an exciting challenge.

Calling all intermediate and advanced skiers! Killington offers exhilarating glades and mogul trails that will test your skills and elevate your excitement. When you’re not conquering the slopes, indulge in other winter activities, including tubing and snowmobiling.

Source: Killington Mountain Resort Best Family Ski Resorts in Vermont

After an action-packed day, immerse yourself in après-ski festivities along the access road leading to the resort. Countless dining and drinking options await, offering the perfect blend of relaxation and celebration.

Choose from a range of condominiums scattered across five base areas, or retreat to the full-service Killington Grand Resort Hotel, nestled beside Snowshed Lodge. For more budget-friendly options, explore lodgings along Killington Road, mere miles away from the resort.

Navigate the resort effortlessly with resort shuttles connecting all open base lodges and parking areas. Several properties along Killington Road also offer shuttle services for their guests. For travel between Rutland and Killington Ski Area, the Rutland Killington Commuter service, operated by The Bus, provides convenient transportation.

Welcome to the Beast’s lair – Killington Mountain Resort & Ski Area. With its vast trail selection, terrain parks, and exhilarating alpine adventures, it beckons winter sports enthusiasts from far and wide.

Join us on November 17, 2023, as we embrace the thrills of Killington Resort. From powder hounds to beginners, an unparalleled ski experience awaits on the East’s grandest mountain.

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Mount Snow – Unleash Your Snowsport Adventure in the Green Mountains

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
November 20, 2023156 inches (396 cm)3,600 feet (1,097 meters)1,900 feet (579 meters)
Mount SnowSki Resorts in Vermont

Nestled in the picturesque Green Mountains, Mount Snow is a revered mountain resort and ski area, captivating winter enthusiasts with its alluring offerings.

Mount Snow is celebrated for its immaculate trails and world-class terrain parks, making it a preferred destination for intermediates and tricksters alike. Embark on an adventure across four distinct areas, encompassing a vast 601 acres of skiable terrain. Each section caters to different skiing or riding abilities:

  • Main Face: Cruise along well-groomed trails.
  • North Face: Embrace the challenge of steeps and glades at a summit elevation of 3,600 feet.
  • Sunbrook: Revel in the beauty of scenic runs.
  • Carinthia: Delight in an entire section dedicated to 10 terrain parks and a superpipe, a haven for thrill-seekers and freestyle enthusiasts.

While Carinthia steals the show with its adrenaline-pumping features, Mount Snow’s true strength lies in its abundance of intermediate terrain, ensuring an unforgettable experience for skiers of varying skill levels.

Indulge in the vibrant après-ski scene and savor delectable dining options both on-mountain and around the Carinthia, Sundance, and Main Base Lodges. A multitude of choices awaits near the Main Base Lodge, promising a delightful culinary journey.

Mount Snow - Ski Resort in Vermont
Source: Mount SnowSki Resort in Vermont

To optimize access to beginner and intermediate runs, consider staying at the Sundance and Main Base Lodges, where the tubing park and family adventure zone add extra charm. Alternatively, find lodging around the resort’s access road, approximately a mile from the slopes. The charming village of West Dover, a 5-minute drive from the resort, offers additional accommodation and dining options.

Navigate with ease using the MOOver Shuttle, a complimentary service that traverses the Mount Snow Base Area, West Dover, and Wilmington, ensuring convenient exploration of the surrounding areas.

Embark on a journey of exhilaration and joy as you embrace the splendor of Mount Snow. A winter paradise awaits, boasting a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cherished memories.

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Sugarbush Resort – Unleash the Pure Essence of East Coast Skiing

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
November 19, 2023250 inches (635 cm)4,083 feet (1,244 meters)1,483 feet (452 meters)
Sugarbush ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Nestled in the scenic Mad River valley, Sugarbush Resort is a sanctuary for snowsport enthusiasts seeking an authentic East Coast skiing experience. With a rich tapestry of terrain and a genuine rustic ambiance, Sugarbush captivates winter enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Sugarbush boasts the Slide Brook Express Quad, a monumental detachable quad lift, stretching as the longest and fastest in the United States. Traverse two mountains and six peaks, as Sugarbush opens up 484 acres of skiable terrain complemented by an additional 2,000 acres of backcountry skiing. The resort proudly presents a remarkable blend of steep challenges, gentle greens, and extensively wooded ski areas, encompassing an impressive vertical drop of 2,600 feet.

Sugarbush Resort - Ski Resort in Vermont
Source: Sugarbush ResortSki Resort in Vermont

Immerse yourself in the genuine rustic charm of the base area, where luxurious accommodation and an array of dining options await. Sugarbush stands on equal footing with renowned resorts like Killington or Stowe, yet radiates an air of tranquility with fewer crowds. Enjoy the luxury and amenities without breaking the bank, as Sugarbush presents a more affordable alternative amidst the splendor of Vermont’s snow-clad wonderland.

For seamless access to the slopes, consider staying in one of the two base areas – Lincoln Peak Village or Mt Ellen Lodge. Lincoln Peak Village proves popular due to its proximity to a larger beginner area and children’s ski school. It hosts a delightful blend of lodging, dining, and amenities, with Historic Sugarbush Village showcasing the authentic spirit of the resort. Additionally, pocket-friendly alternatives, such as The Warren Lodge, lie along the Sugarbush access road, approximately a mile away from the slopes, with convenient shuttle services.

The Slide Brook Express Quad facilitates effortless travel between the two mountains, offering a remarkable ride on the longest and fastest detachable quad lift in the US. For further exploration, the Green Mountain Transit – Mad River Valley (GMT-MRV) bus provides complimentary transportation between the Lincoln Peak and Mt Ellen base areas, arriving approximately every 20-30 minutes. The GMT-MRV bus conveniently travels to nearby areas, including Waitsfield, where you’ll find a delightful array of dining and shopping options.

Embrace the allure of Sugarbush Resort and embark on a memorable journey through vast terrain, genuine charm, and unrivaled tranquility. Revel in the essence of East Coast skiing and create cherished memories amidst the breathtaking vistas.

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Mad River Glen – A Timeless Treasure for Skiers

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
To Be Announced250 inches (635 cm)3,637 feet (1,109 meters)1,600 feet (488 meters)
Mad River GlenSki Resorts in Vermont

Mad River Glen proudly stands as Vermont’s most distinctive and cherished ski mountain, lovingly owned and cherished by passionate skiers who uphold its unique essence. The motto “Ski it if You Can” embodies the allure of this legendary resort, where authenticity reigns supreme, and natural terrain and snow take center stage.

Mad River Glen is a treasure trove for skiing purists, boasting trails cut to follow the mountain’s organic contours throughout its impressive 2,037-foot vertical. The resort retains its deep commitment to natural snow, with only a small portion of trails featuring strategically placed snow guns for upper mountain access, where nature’s bounty prevails. For an unforgettable nostalgic experience, take a ride on the iconic single-chair lift, a symbol of enduring charm.

Mad River Glen
Source: Mad River GlenBest Ski Resorts in Vermont

At Mad River Glen, skiing is a sacred art, catering to experienced skiers seeking challenging terrain and the freedom to explore uncrowded slopes. The resort’s inviting atmosphere, centered around a single base area, welcomes families with a non-commercial, kid-friendly ambiance. Beginners will find comfort on the abundance of blue and green trails, perfect for honing their skills. While Mad River Glen embraces all skiers, it remains one of the rare ski areas in North America that preserves its skiers-only tradition, offering a true haven for devoted enthusiasts.

Mad River Glen doesn’t boast on-slope lodging, yet nearby accommodations perfectly complement the resort’s charm. The Mad River Barn offers convenience to the mountain, while The Hyde Away Inn, located on Rte 100, proves convenient to both Mad River Glen and Sugarbush. Guests can indulge in budget-friendly rooms, retro ski-dorm bunk rooms, and delectable dining.

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Smugglers’ Notch Resort – Where Family-Friendly Fun Meets Majestic Mountains

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
November 25, 2023280 inches (711 cm)3,640 feet (1,109 meters)1,030 feet (314 meters)
Smugglers’ Notch ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Smugglers’ Notch Resort stands as a beacon of family-friendly joy, embraced by the breathtaking beauty of its surrounding mountains. This charming resort offers an array of activities for all ages, ensuring a delightful experience for families seeking cherished memories.

Embrace the ease of ski-in/ski-out condos, offering the perfect home away from home amidst the enchanting mountains. Experience great value for your money, as Smugglers’ Notch presents a wealth of opportunities to create lasting memories with your loved ones. The laid-back ambiance resonates with a welcoming and family-friendly vibe, immersing you in an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation.

As a family-owned and operated resort, Smugglers’ Notch takes immense pride in its reputation for being truly family-friendly. Countless kid-friendly activities await, from thrilling laser tag battles in the FunZone to nightly family events and the excitement of tubing down the hill. Smugglers’ Notch boasts one of the finest ski schools in the region, catering to young and aspiring skiers with expert guidance and care. While Okemo remains another Vermont family favorite, Smugglers’ Notch sets itself apart as a treasured destination, albeit slightly more challenging to reach from New York City and Boston.

Smugglers' Notch Resort
Source: Smugglers’ Notch ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Discover the splendor of Smuggler’s Notch Resort, featuring 78 trails across three interconnected mountains, each offering diverse terrain and awe-inspiring mountain views. Morse Mountain caters primarily to beginners with gentle greens, while Madonna and Sterling Mountains embrace blue and black trails, unfolding over an impressive vertical drop of 2,610 feet. For the daring at heart, venture to ‘The Black Hole,’ the East’s sole triple black diamond trail! Beyond the trails, 750 acres of glades invite beginners and seasoned skiers alike to delve into their winter wonder. Embrace the resort’s well-planned layout, where each mountain beckons with a unique experience suited to varying ability levels.

Embrace the charming Village Center, nestled at the base of Morse Mountain, offering a delightful array of restaurants and activities. For seamless access to beginner slopes and the ski school, consider lodging within the surrounding lodging communities. The Village East and Village West Communities provide convenient proximity, while the North Hill and West Hill Communities await a short shuttle ride away. The Highlands Hill Community, further from the Village Center, enjoys a separate lift service, beckoning guests to immerse themselves in its serene beauty.

Smugglers’ Notch Resort offers an on-call shuttle service within the Village area, serving guests from 8 AM to 10:45 PM daily. Additionally, the Upper Mountain Shuttle transports visitors from the Village to the Upper Mountains, ensuring seamless exploration of the resort’s wonders.

Immerse yourself in the wonder of Smugglers’ Notch Resort, where family-friendly fun, awe-inspiring mountains, and heartwarming moments create an enchanting winter experience. Embrace the captivating charm of this delightful haven and bask in the joy of family bonding amidst stunning landscapes.

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Bromley Mountain Resort – Where Family Fun Meets Sunshine Slopes

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
To Be Announced145 inches (368 cm)3,284 feet (1,001 meters)1,950 feet (594 meters)
Bromley Mountain ResortSki Resorts in Vermont

Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of Vermont, Bromley Mountain Resort stands tall as a beloved destination for family-centric ski adventures. This welcoming resort consistently receives accolades for its family-friendly atmosphere, enchanting slopes, and heartwarming experiences.

Bromley Mountain Resort has a unique distinction among ski areas – its slopes and trails face south, ensuring a winter wonderland bathed in the warmth of sunshine throughout the day. With a rich skiing heritage dating back to 1937, Bromley holds its place in ski history as one of the pioneers in adapting terrain for skiing and introducing grooming techniques. The resort’s commitment to snow care remains unparalleled, guaranteeing pristine conditions for skiers of all ages.

Bromley Mountain Resort -  Best Family Ski Resorts in Vermont
Source: Bromley Mountain Resort Best Family Ski Resorts in Vermont

A sanctuary for family joy, Bromley excels in creating a user-friendly ski resort that caters to all skill levels. The trails are thoughtfully distributed to offer a balanced experience for beginners, intermediates, and expert skiers alike. For young and aspiring skiers, Bromley’s ski and boarding instruction programs for children and adults are truly exceptional. Utilizing the innovative Terrain Based Learning technique, learners often find themselves skiing independently on their very first day. Furthermore, Bromley unveils new terrain park features designed for varying abilities, ranging from green to black trails, fostering one of the state’s finest family-friendly progression parks.

Designed with the day skier in mind, Bromley Mountain Resort provides an array of accommodations, including hotels, inns, and bed-and-breakfasts in and around Manchester. The Lodge at Bromley offers the convenience of ski-in/ski-out lodging right at the base, promising an unforgettable experience for all. For budget-conscious guests, the Four Winds Country Motel in Manchester provides spacious rooms and complimentary breakfast, making it a delightful choice.

Discover Bromley Mountain Resort

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Bolton Valley – A Hidden Gem in Vermont’s Green Mountains

Opening DateAverage Annual SnowfallSummit Elevation (feet/meters)Base Elevation (feet/meters)
To Be Announced312 inches (792 cm)3,150 feet (960 meters)2,100 feet (640 meters)
Bolton ValleySki Resorts in Vermont

Nestled in the breathtaking embrace of Vermont’s Green Mountains, Bolton Valley offers a compact Alpine-style village and a heartwarming family-friendly ambiance. Despite its cozy appearance, the resort boasts an impressive 71 trails stretched across 300 skiable acres. The feeling of tranquility is amplified by the vast expanse of more than 5,000 acres of pristine, undeveloped forest surrounding the resort.

Bolton Valley is a skier’s paradise, where trails cater to all skill levels in a nearly equal distribution of beginner, intermediate, and expert terrain. The resort’s 13 glades and three terrain parks provide added excitement and challenge for adventurous spirits. Remarkably, Bolton Valley is an award-winning trailblazer in environmental initiatives, employing energy-efficient HKD snow guns to enhance its natural bounty of 312 feet of annual snowfall. Distinguishing itself, the resort stands as one of only two ski destinations in the United States powered by wind energy.

Bolton Valley - Best Family Ski Resorts in Vermont
Source: Bolton Valley Best Family Ski Resorts in Vermont

While skiing and snowboarding reign supreme, Bolton Valley’s allure extends beyond the slopes. The resort offers a diverse range of activities, including 62 miles of Nordic and backcountry trails for cross-country enthusiasts and snowshoeing enthusiasts. Embrace the enchanting experience of night skiing with well-lit trails, including the upgraded slalom course featuring 150 high-efficiency LED lights. For those seeking indoor adventures, the Bolton Valley indoor skate and bike park awaits, ensuring endless hours of exhilarating fun.

Bolton Valley’s base village is a charming retreat in itself, providing ski-in/ski-out accommodations or easy walking access to the lifts. The village houses two restaurants, a cafeteria, a deli, and a general store, all within close proximity to the Sports Center. After an action-packed day on the slopes, unwind at the Sports Center’s heated pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna, rejuvenating mind and body.

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