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The Best Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio


Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio; Situated amidst the undulating hills of central Ohio, Lancaster extends a warm invitation to discover its abundant history, dynamic culture, and picturesque scenery. Found within Fairfield County, Lancaster effortlessly combines the allure of a quaint small town with a diverse array of attractions catering to a wide spectrum of interests.

Lancaster’s historical significance is evident in its well-preserved architecture and landmarks. The Sherman House Museum, once home to General William Tecumseh Sherman, provides insights into the town’s connection to the Civil War era. The Georgian Museum, a stunning Federal-style mansion, offers a glimpse into the region’s past.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find solace in the nearby natural beauty. Rising Park, with its scenic overlooks and hiking trails, provides a serene escape to nature. The Hocking Hills region, renowned for its lush forests and dramatic rock formations, is just a short drive away, offering opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and more.

Lancaster’s charming downtown is dotted with boutiques, galleries, and eateries that highlight the town’s artistic and culinary scene. The Lancaster Festival, an annual event featuring music, arts, and entertainment, celebrates the town’s cultural vibrancy.

For families, the Ohio Glass Museum and Decorative Arts Center of Ohio offer engaging experiences that showcase the region’s craftsmanship and creativity.

Classic Experiences in Lancaster, Ohio

Visit the Ohio Glass Museum: Explore the history of glassmaking in the region at the Ohio Glass Museum. You can witness glassblowing demonstrations, admire intricate glass art, and learn about the area’s glass industry heritage.

Tour the Sherman House Museum: Step back in time at the Sherman House Museum, the birthplace of General William Tecumseh Sherman. The museum offers insights into the life and legacy of this Civil War leader.

Stroll Through Historic Downtown Lancaster: Wander around the charming historic downtown area, lined with well-preserved architecture, boutiques, art galleries, and local eateries. The picturesque streets provide a glimpse into Lancaster’s past.

Things to Do
Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio

Hike in Rising Park: Enjoy nature’s beauty at Rising Park, a local favorite for hiking, picnicking, and scenic views. The park features a towering natural rock outcropping known as Mount Pleasant, providing panoramic vistas.

Visit the Georgian Museum: Explore the Georgian Museum, a Federal-style mansion built in 1832. It houses period-appropriate furnishings and decorative arts, giving you a glimpse into early 19th-century life.

Lancaster Festival: If visiting during the summer, consider attending the annual Lancaster Festival. This multi-day event features concerts, art shows, and cultural performances, showcasing the local arts scene.

Fairfield County Fair: If your visit coincides with October, don’t miss the Fairfield County Fair. Experience traditional fair attractions, agricultural displays, entertainment, and delicious fair food.

Enjoy Local Cuisine: Sample classic Ohio flavors at local restaurants. Try regional specialties, farm-to-table dishes, and home-cooked comfort foods that capture the essence of Lancaster’s culinary scene.

Lancaster Canal Boat Rides: Take a relaxing canal boat ride along the restored Ohio-Erie Canal, learning about the area’s history and the importance of canals in the 19th century.

Explore Covered Bridges: Explore a self-guided tour of the area’s historic covered bridges, such as the beautiful Rock Mill Covered Bridge, which offers a glimpse into Ohio’s rural past.

These classic experiences capture the essence of Lancaster’s history, culture, and natural beauty, providing a well-rounded exploration of this charming Ohio town.

Offbeat Experiences in Lancaster, Ohio:

Axe Throwing: Unleash your inner lumberjack by trying your hand at axe throwing. Experience the thrill of hitting the target at a local axe throwing venue and compete with friends in a unique and exciting activity.

Ghost Tours: Delve into the town’s haunted history with a guided ghost tour. Learn about local legends, eerie stories, and paranormal occurrences as you explore the darker side of Lancaster’s past.

UFO Day at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds: If you’re a fan of the extraterrestrial, attend the annual UFO Day at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. Engage in discussions about UFO sightings, attend lectures, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this event.

Geocaching Adventure: Explore a modern-day treasure hunt through geocaching, using GPS coordinates to uncover hidden caches scattered throughout different Lancaster locations. This adds an exciting twist to your adventure as you search for these hidden gems.

Things to Do in Lancaster
Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio

Glass Pumpkin Patch: Visit the Glass Pumpkin Patch event, where local artisans create stunning glass pumpkins in a variety of colors and sizes. This whimsical and artistic experience adds a touch of magic to your visit.

Historic Jail Escape Room: Test your problem-solving skills and nerves in an escape room located in a historic jail. Solve puzzles, uncover clues, and work as a team to “escape” from the confines of the past.

Lancaster Labyrinth: Take a meditative walk through the Lancaster Labyrinth, a peaceful and contemplative space designed to promote relaxation and self-reflection.

Columbus Washboard Factory Tour: Experience a quirky slice of history by taking a tour of the Columbus Washboard Company. Learn about the production of washboards and their role in the past, offering an offbeat yet fascinating experience.

Ohio Glass Museum’s Glassblowing Workshops: Get hands-on with glassblowing workshops at the Ohio Glass Museum. Create your own glass art under the guidance of skilled artisans and take home a unique memento of your visit.

Mural Hunting: Explore a mural hunting adventure around town. Seek out vibrant street art and murals that bring color and creativity to unexpected corners of Lancaster.

These offbeat experiences add a unique and unconventional twist to your visit to Lancaster, allowing you to explore its quirkier side and create memories that go beyond the ordinary.

Best Time to Visit Lancaster, Ohio

The best time to visit Lancaster, Ohio, is during the spring (April to May) and fall (September to October) months. During these seasons, the weather is pleasant, with mild temperatures and colorful foliage, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploration. Spring brings blooming flowers and green landscapes, while fall offers picturesque foliage and harvest festivals.

Summer (June to August) can also be a good time to visit, especially if you enjoy warm weather and outdoor events. The Fairfield County Fair in October is a popular annual event that showcases local agriculture, entertainment, and exhibits.

Winter (December to February) can be cold and may limit outdoor activities, but if you enjoy holiday festivities and indoor attractions, this season can also be charming.

It’s important to note that weather conditions can vary, so it’s a good idea to check the local forecast before planning your trip. Keep in mind that popular events and attractions may be busier during peak travel seasons, so consider your preferences and priorities when choosing the best time to visit Lancaster, Ohio.

What is the best way to get around Lancaster, Ohio

The best way to get around Lancaster, Ohio, largely depends on your preferences and the distances you need to travel. Here are some transportation options to consider:

Car: Having a car provides the most convenience and flexibility for getting around Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Lancaster is a relatively spread-out city with suburban neighborhoods, so having a car allows you to easily access attractions, restaurants, and other points of interest.

Biking: Lancaster has some bike-friendly areas and designated bike lanes, making biking a viable option for shorter trips within the city. Some areas may have bike trails and paths that you can explore.

Walking: If you’re staying in or near the downtown area, walking can be a pleasant way to explore the city. Downtown Lancaster offers shops, restaurants, and historical sites within a walkable distance.

Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio
Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio

Public Transportation: While Lancaster does have some public transportation options like buses, the coverage may be limited compared to larger cities. If you plan to rely on public transportation, be sure to check schedules and routes in advance.

Ride-Sharing: Services like Uber and Lyft are available in Lancaster and can provide convenient transportation for shorter distances.

Taxis: Taxis may be available in the city for on-demand transportation.

Keep in mind that Lancaster is a smaller city, and transportation options may vary. It’s recommended to plan your transportation method based on your specific needs and destinations within the city. If you’re traveling to attractions outside of Lancaster, having a car can give you more flexibility to explore the surrounding area.

How long Does it Take to Tour Lancaster, Ohio Completely

The time it takes to tour Lancaster, Ohio, completely will vary based on your interests, the attractions you want to visit, and the pace at which you explore. However, you can generally plan to spend a few days to a week to experience the main highlights of the city and its surrounding areas.

Here’s a rough guideline for how long you might allocate to different types of activities:

Historical Sites and Museums: If you’re interested in exploring Lancaster’s historical sites, museums, and landmarks, you might spend a day or two visiting places like the Georgian Museum, Sherman House Museum, and the Ohio Glass Museum.

Outdoor Activities: If you enjoy outdoor activities and nature, consider setting aside time for hiking or exploring nearby parks and lakes, such as Rising Park and Buckeye Lake. This could take another day or more depending on the activities you choose.

Shopping and Dining: Lancaster’s downtown area offers boutique shops, local eateries, and cafes. Exploring the downtown area and enjoying its offerings could take half a day or more.

Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio
Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio

Special Events and Festivals: Check if there are any special events or festivals taking place during your visit. Attending local events can provide a unique experience and might influence how much time you spend in the city.

Surrounding Area: If you’re interested in exploring the wider region beyond Lancaster, additional time would be needed. You could consider day trips to nearby attractions or cities.

With these considerations in mind, a well-rounded visit to Lancaster might range from a few days for a brief overview to a week for a more comprehensive exploration. Adjust the duration based on your specific interests and the activities you’d like to engage in during your visit.

The Cost of Exploring Lancaster, Ohio

The cost of exploring Lancaster, Ohio, will vary depending on your travel style, preferences, and the activities you choose to engage in. Here are some factors to consider when estimating the expenses for your trip:

Accommodation: The cost of accommodation will depend on the type of lodging you choose, such as hotels, motels, or bed and breakfasts. Prices can range from budget to upscale options.

Dining: The cost of meals will vary based on where and what you choose to eat. Lancaster offers a range of dining options, from casual cafes to upscale restaurants.

Attractions and Activities: The cost of attractions and activities, such as museum admission fees, guided tours, and outdoor adventures, will contribute to your expenses.

Transportation: If you’re using a car, factor in fuel costs and parking fees. Public transportation, ride-sharing, and taxis may also incur costs.

Shopping: If you plan to shop for souvenirs, antiques, or locally made products, budget accordingly.

Special Events: If you’re attending special events, festivals, or performances, there may be admission fees or ticket costs.

Day Trips: If you’re planning day trips to nearby attractions, consider the cost of transportation, entry fees, and any activities you’ll be participating in.

Travel Insurance: It’s advisable to have travel insurance to cover unexpected events and emergencies.

To give you a rough idea, a moderate budget for exploring Lancaster, Ohio, might range from $100 to $200 per day per person, excluding accommodation. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and your actual expenses could be higher or lower based on your choices.

It’s recommended to research specific attractions, accommodations, and dining options in advance to get a better understanding of costs. Creating a detailed budget and tracking your spending during your trip can help you manage your expenses effectively.

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